Thursday, February 23, 2017

                                                        FIVE MONTHS IN ITALY

                TIME FLYES..

 Now it's half way in my journey.
 I have been in here so sad but also the
happiest person in the world. I feel really lucky to be in there with these people. These months have teach me a lot because before I came here I can say that I was a kid. I was thinking really different way about many things. But I really realized how much that mean you have friends around you. So now I want that you spent a little time for thinking that who is and what things are important to you. Because I did it and I realized that everyone needs friend. But also there is things that are really hard to say for others but can also show these things for them...

Shopping with my friends
Yesterday I woke up really early. I open my door because I wanted to see what kind of day it was coming and weather was really warm and I realized that it was coming a beautiful day. It was valentine's day and everyone was really happy of course I was too.
     I was walking in the station and I hear when someone was screaming my name. In few seconds someone hug me ,it was my friend Javi. She saw me and I was so happy this was a good start for this day.
These ones make me smile more
After school I go in the center and wait my friends that they get out of school. After we go to eat, be in the piazza and of course shopping .It was really beautiful day for me this was the day which start summer. For my friends it wasn't start for a summer 😂
I really wait April because my own family is coming here for a one week. I already of course plan where I'm going to take them. For me and my dad I plan trip in Maranello because there is Ferrari Museo. My mum want to visit in Verona "City of love" and the last part of my family little sister  Eerika love shopping so I will show her best shopping places in here.
Thing that change in me while I have been living here is example this when I was living in Finland I never drink coffee because I didn't like at all. Now I drink coffee because it's the way that this country works.You go out with your friends and talk with them while you drink coffee.In Finland I see people with their coffee walking and drinking while they was going in work.In Italy it's other way before you go work, you stop by coffee shop buy a coffee and drink it there.

Café time with friends


Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Sometimes I think how lucky person I have been, because I have travel a lot with my parents and little sister. But sometimes people just choose to go places where is lots of tourist and I can say that I have done this too. But Italy change me and show me that best adventures you can find are in those places where isn't so many people.
        When I'm writing this I can noticed that my brains work with three different languages.This feeling is amazing. But I think now is time start tell this story little bit better..
        So last months I have travel a lot with my Italian family. I have seen so much and yesterday I realized that this year is almost half way. And soon I'm leaving a way with my diary full of stories.
When I'm older and I will tell this stories for my kids.
For me this place was dream 
         Now I will tell you one of my favorite places.Last year I said that North Norway stole my heart and I was thinking that it's going to be there forever. One day we packed our car and drive few hours.
Then I woke up and I saw it.. Garda lake.I was wordless because I love mountains and lakes a lot so  this place was perfect to me.We spend four days in this place and we eat typical local food.In this trip we saw so many things that I love, water sports all different kind and happy people.
   Garda lake was one of the beautifulest places I have ever been.There is lots of places where you can found adventures...but there is one thing that happens to me this holiday and I was crying.
    Okey first I tell a little story..
I remember that day when I was talking with my best friend and I say to her "I really want to go and see the world" and she said then we need to go ..Half year later we was in the bus and hunting our dreams together of course side by side.First part was this interview and after this I said to her my dream is that if I can meat you in this experience my year is going to be perfect.After four months when I said goodbye to her in her house I said to her we are not going to cry because we are going to see soon.And we didn't cry and last thing when I saw her I said myself  that promise I will keep..Then this amazing day comes the day when I know that my promise is going to be come true.I was so nervous hole week.Then I look at my phone and I start jumping because there was a message "I'm waiting here for you!".I just jump and scream.I saw her standing middle of place that we said that we are going to meet.First I saw her and the I didn't and one moment later I saw her again.I have never run so fast and   I just scream her name.Everyone in this place look at me,I didn't care.This day we visit in the castle and eat pizza.When we was saying Goodbye I could't hold my tears anymore.I was so happy!

Traveling with my Italian sisters
Sunset in Garda lake

Pizza from Napoli

Best way to start 2017 was visit in this beautiful place 
Last day in school and going to eat with our friends
I always became happy when I saw this girl in the morning and she come to hug me !

Saturday, December 10, 2016

It has been three months since I left my home country. Some days it feels like yesterday and some days more like many years. But I think it's normal ..I'm so grateful for everyone who has support me.
Everything in here has been so good I'm really happy because I have amazing host family.We have shared together as happy as the saddest things.I have experienced many beautiful adventures with them and they opened my eyes for some many new things specially my host mother. She taught me look at things different way and make me even like more colors and those who knew me  before I came here ,they know that I was people who loved black and white more than anything...Now I noticed that actually I have changed as a person,but I think this really good thing.

One day I was running in our town and it was really beautiful day. I just stop and think that I need to take a picture because it's really important capture special moments.
My host sister Sofia and I
Reason why we smiled was  that because that day we was going to Venice in the night and we was so excited because we knew that this place is going to be really beautiful with christmas lights and all the things that christmas brings with it.

We was walking together in this beautiful place with my family. We ate creeps and our fingers was   frozen but we didn't care because sitting under this beautiful lights was so unforgettable.
This day was full of things and reminds me that I actually live in Italy.I was out with my friends eating pizza,talking a lot also with hands(Italian style) and of course watching those beautiful things what is in this city.
I take this picture when we were visiting in  Basilica San Marco.

This day I spent amazing time with my host siblings and we cook for our parents.


Monday, November 7, 2016


Ciao!    I thought that I could tell you a little bit of the last week in Finland. Last weeks in Finland was unforgettable for me. I spend time with my family and friends. This kind of situations you learn to appreciate the people who is around you. So I want thank you all for being with me and support me. I remember that day when I tell my dad about my dream living a foreign country. That day came faster than'd have thought. Young girl sitting on the car and dreaming the place where nobody knows nothing about you that was me few weeks ago...Now'm that girl who is in the place where nobody knows who I am. I remember those days when I was with my friends we here dancing under stars and northern lights of course we were listening good music and make a campfire. I remember when I was with my family in the car and just singing together and laughing. I remember that moment when I was sitting in the car with peoples how are most important for me and feeling that someone held me by the hand. Then was the moment when my tears run down the cheeks and I saw my friends waiting me ready for saying goodbye. Saying goodbye for somebody who you love is most hardest thing ever. When I was sitting in the car and waving my hand saying goodbye I feel that my whole body was on fire. I realized that when I come back they are waiting me if is intended that way. Next feeling was in that this is going to be my adventure what I have dreaming since I was little.. Now is time to start telling this story for you.oMe sitting on the airplane with oneway ticket and my emotions were all messed up but still I know that this is trip of my life and this determines the rest of my life who I am.  Life begins at the end of your comfort zone🌍
You're amazing
"The likelihood of Brazilian girl meets a Finnish girl is null and void but here we are together "
These people are my part of my family 
Sushi with my  Italian friends  
Sometimes you find people that after one day you think that you have know them  your hole life
Lots of fun with these ones
I don't never forget you guys!


Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Summer is almost out so I think that it's good time to share some moments.
My summer was so immemorial. I spend time with so many peoples who are amazing  everyone is own kind.
     I started my summer holiday earlier than others because my family and Rosa's family had booked trip.When we were done our last exam we say bye our friends and started packing. We drive in Helsinki next day and in the evening we had a flight to Spain.
Smile for the good things.
Best restaurant in Spain.
Little sister Eerika, Dad and Mum
Going out with  "sister"


Dad and monkey